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How to Fix a Paddle Ceiling Fan Light Switch - Today's Homeowner

How to Fix a Paddle Ceiling Fan Light Switch By: Danny Lipford

Disconnecting the wires to a ceiling fan light switch.Disconnecting the wires to a ceiling fan light switch.

If the lights on your paddle ceiling fan no longer

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Morning Surprise!

Just to paint a picture of my morning this morning: The day actually started at 2AM when my cat decided to use my face as a springboard to catch a moth that was fluttering near the bed. Because, cats.

The resulting adrenaline rush kept me up for a few hours, and by the time I drifted off it was already time to get up for morning chores. So I squint one of my eyes open, stumble downstairs, toss on the bare minimum amount of clothing and head out to the barn with the intention of returning back to my bed as soon as possible.

Seven steps from the porch I step down on something and hear a crunch. Im 48% asleep and 50% sure I just stepped on an unsuspecting frog and crushed it, and

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Bosch D-tect 120

Bosch D-tect 120By Michael Hopp on Tool Reviews

Bosch D-tect & Zipwall 002Bosch D-tect Wall/Floor Scanner

Stud finders have been in use since the early 20th century, and all the first ones were all magnetic, relying on internal magnets to detect the wall fasteners attached to studs. In 1977, Robert Franklin designed a revolutionary electronic stud finder that relied on an inter

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BOSCH 3-1/4? Planer PL1632 | WOC Preview

WOC 2015 TOP Post

BOSCH Planer A Better Mousetrap?

I like Jim Stevens. Hes a nice guy and genuinely loves what he does for a living. As a designer of fine woodworking tools for Bosch, he puts his heart and soul into everything he creates or helps create. He understands the tools and he understands how theyre going to be used in the field. Thats most certainly the case with the new Bosch PL1632 Wood Planer. It has some thoughtful new features that will improve the way you and I use the tool in the re

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Cleaning Your Kitchen Appliances the Easy Way

Your Refrigerator

The space behind your refrigerator is arguably the dirtiest couple of square feet in your house. Its a meeting place for dust, gunk, and a host of other stuff thats fallen behind the big guy.

To clean, pull out the refrigerator and mop up whatever you find. Then, vacuum refrigerator coils behind or beneath your fridge, which will put less stress on the fridges motor and prolong its life.

Replace loose door gaskets check your owners manual for replacement part numbers and find new gaskets at home improvement centers or by searching online. Youll get the added benefit of saving energy with a tighter seal. Monthly, wipe gaskets down with warm, soapy wa

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5 Clever DIY Hacks for Winter

To a child, winter days are fun. I have fond memories of snowball fights and building snowmen with my siblings for hours until we were forced to come inside to thaw out. My optimism for the season was unwavering in my youth and reflected the fun and joy throughout childhood, though my adult mind thinks of the cold seasons slightly differently today. The levity for the season still glows, but survival is always at the forefront of my mind as an adult when I see the snow fly I think of shoveling snow, slippery roads, and the ever-growing heat bill for cold winter nights. Growing up in Buffalo, New York, I have learned a few things about persevering in the season, therefore this article will of

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A New View

Im walking a line here between really wanting to sit down and write about things going on around the farm. Things like prepping the garden for winter


Prepping the bees for winter


How the donkeys are prepping for winter by turning into BIG BALLS OF FLUFF.